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I have two 4K Cameras, two additional HD cameras, a 4K DSLR, gimbals, tripods, tracks, dollies, lighting, a green screen, teleprompter/autocue, GoPro cameras (including 4K), micorphones and radio mics and all the equipment that’s required to make high quality broadcast standard videos.

IMG_4953 4 cameras.JPG

My 4K cameras are Sony FS7’s (a mark 1 and a mark 2 with variable ND) with powered Sony lenses and also Metabones adapters to use my Canon L series zoom lenses and primes.

I also have two Sony PMW-200 cameras, which are high definition cameras for broadcast from Sony. They produce very high quality pictures and sound, but are very quick to set up, recording on SxS Cards or SD cards at up to 50 Mb/sec. These are perfect for 2 camera HD shoots as they match each other perfectly.

I have a very sturdy Sachtler carbon fibre tripod, and also three Manfrotto carbon fibre tripods to securely mount the above cameras.

I have a dolly for my tripod, making the camera mobile over smooth flooring, giving great tracking shots. My Vinten camera dolly is a high quality camera dolly which allows the tripod and camera to be mounted on wheels and allows a smooth shot of a person walking towards camera or following behind them.

Another useful tool for making camera movement is my Wally Dolly camera track system. When the camera tripod is fixed onto these tracks, they make fabulously smooth tracking shots on rails, great for showing displays in detail while keeping the shot moving.

I also have a DJI Ronin M Gimbal for smooth shots while on the move, getting rid of all the camera shake of hand held shots. Where space is tight, I also have a Ronin DJI Osmo gimbal camera and a DJI pocket sized gimbal camera.

I have Sennheiser radio mics, and radio transmitters, wired Sony personal microphones and also a mic stand and a Beyerdynamic MCE58 to capture the sound of an event.

My Green Screen is a purpose made felt backed green screen that keys beautifully when lit by my soft box lights to allow whatever background or company logo you need to appear behind you.

I have 8 LED panels from Litepanels, Lishuai and Camtree, 6 of these are bi-coloured and therefore the colour temperature can be altered without the use of filters. These can be battery or mains operated.

I also have a Teleprompter, this means you can read your script on a screen in front of the camera lens so that you do not have to remember your words, just like the presenters on the News and in studios . You can control the speed of the scrolling words, so that your message comes across accurately and with confidence. This works particularly well with the green screen as the background can be changed during the edit to match your words.

I edit on an Apple Macbook Pro laptop. This allows me to edit on site with you, as I can easily transport all the editing equipment that I need to edit on location. This means that you can not only see the edit build up, but also make any changes on the spot so that you get your video as soon as possible, even on the same day as the filming where possible.
I also have a very high powered iMac to edit in base for the most demanding 4K edits.

Finally I have a spacious luxury four wheel drive Estate Car to carry the kit onto a location, and the four wheel drive system means that even in the harshest of weather I can get to your location.

If you want a high quality video from a highly dependable broadcast trained Cameraman and Video Editor, at a very reasonable price, please get in touch.

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