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Much of my filming work is confidential, and therefore can not be displayed my website

The Hungry Games - Zombie Event

Before this video was made, ticket sales were very slow for a forthcoming Zombie event. The video I made was shown at an exhibition and also on YouTube and the end result was that the event was a total sell out.

The clients said:

Yes we have sold out :-). We are now selling extra tickets and things are getting really quite exciting for us. We will get this event out of the way and then plan the next one very shortly. I know that the video played a massive part in us selling the tickets. It captured peoples imagination at the GSL (Gadget Show Live). We found that anyone who saw the video watched it to the very end.

a very special thank you to Em our cameraman and editor for the trailer.   Excellent advice, pleasure to work with and amazingly quick editing to get us live within a week – awesome!

Alcom Computing

This video was made for Alcom Computing in Aylesbury who were having a relaunch of their business. Crucially, Alcom’s new sign was being fitted on the Friday morning, and the video had to be completed by the following Monday for the relaunch. With careful planning and timing, the video was delivered on Friday afternoon to a delighted MD, who’s comments are on my testimonial page.

E Type Jaguar

This film was made for the BBC website. I wanted to make a film to mark the 50th anniversary of the E-type, and the BBC website team asked me to make a film about what makes the E-type a style icon, even today. I researched, produced, directed, filmed and edited this film, which was shown to Jaguar themselves by the delighted presenter. The film was the most watched video on the BBC’s website:
Click here to watch.



This film is about careers after leaving the Army. Two ex Army soldiers started a Laser version of Paintball, and I filmed and edited the story with plenty of actions, smoke bombs and a mortar in Norfolk for the BBC News Channel's  Show Me The Money.
Click here to watch.


This was a film made to mark the changes in the 75 years of the Monopoly board game made by visiting locations in London which are on the Monopoly Board. With Declan Curry’s energy and whit, armed with a furry dog, top coat and bowler hat, the changes were noted though various loactions in London. This film was also the most watched video of the day on the BBC website, and praise was given by the Head of the BBC Newsroom Mary Hockaday about the quality of the film. 
Click here to watch.


This film was about the new Pit Lane at Silverstone, and combined filming using a simulator of the Silverstone track with a Ferrari on the actual track. Cameras were mounted in the car and along the circuit to give a real feel of how a the circuit had changed.
Click here to watch.

Goodwood Revival Car Investment

This was a film made about the increasing investment made through classic cars, and in the example used, an original Ford GT, showing how important a good racing  history is to the value of the investment.
Click here to watch.

Euro Note Printing

This was filmed on location in Switzerland, and had to be carefully filmed so that crucial security information was not revealed. These notes were of the highest value including the 500 euro note.
Click here to watch.

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